Achievements & Honors


In his Entrepreneurship spirit, Dr. Amb Marksman Chinedu Ijiomah has gone for many professional certified trainings both within and outside Nigeria which includes:

Provided confidential executive and financial support to Neighborhood Child Foundation, Abuja.

Delivered quality leadership training at various institutes of learning such as the Institute of Management and Technology, Enugu.

Retrieved over 500 street artisans from under privilege backgrounds and placed them on scholarship scheme for re-establishment.

Expanded business frontiers to the Western, Southern and Northern region of Nigeria with a large online presence across the length of the Nigerian state.

The expansion into neighboring West African State, Ghana for the aim of catering for their real estate needs.

Professional Development

Project Management Course 2020 - London Academy Business School

Organizational Leadership 2020 - London Academy Business School.

Healthy Safety and Environment Documentation 2020 - London Academy Business School.

Logistics Supply Chain Management System  2020 - London Academy Business School.

Quality Management System 2020 - London Academy Business School.

Occupational Health and Safety Management System 2020 - London Academy Business School.

Personal Effectiveness, Time management and Mastery 2020 - London Academy Business School.

Leadership in Competitive Environment 2020 - London Academy Business School.

Strategic Marketing and Revenue Appreciation Training - 2019

Advanced Information Technology Training Course - 2019

Architectural Precinct Training - 2018

Moneywise Financial Institute (Revenue Generation Course) - 2017

Professional Civil Engineering Training Course - 2017

Dunamis Leadership and Traing Course - 2015

Awards & Recognition

Due to his philanthropic nature, which he expresses through Chinmark Foundation, many local, international organizations and educational bodies have seen his huge impact in their lives and society at large, they have awarded him with the following:

Pan-African Distinguished Achiever's Award. Induction into the Pan African Leaders Hall of Fame.

Award of Recognition and Induction into the Hall of Fame of the Public Chartered Institute of Public Resources Management and Politics, Ghana.

The Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela Leadership Award of Excellence and Integrity presented by the ECOWAS Youth's Council.

Award of recognition and induction into the Hall of Fame of Moneywise Institute - a financial and Investment school.

Professional Fellowship Doctorate Degree from the Institute of Corporate and Public Administration of Nigeria (ICPAN).

Doctor of Science (DR. Sc. Hons.) in Business Administration and Management.